Thursday, July 29, 2010

Black,red,gold and a chequered flag.

Just like it is with the chicken and the egg, I'm not sure what came first - my obsession for Formula1 or for Germany. Either way,  they have both given me something to look forward to every alternate weekend, for a decade now. Over the last two months though, Formula 1 barely managed to excite me, thanks to Klose and co. draining me off adrenalin as and when my body produced it. Loew and his men(boys?) gave me more than one reason to smile, so here's me saying 'Vielen Dank, die Mannschaft'

Stepping into familiar territory, I've got to say I'm not enjoying this season very much. Lets just say its harder than I'd imagined, to see Schumacher being a regular mid-fielder (all non-Schumis , this is your cue to point and laugh). And that's not all. This season's throwing up a few too many unpleasant surprises.  If my opinions mattered - and I really wish they did - I'd have this to say to the F1 kingdom :

@Vettel, Webber and Team Red Bull - STOP stealing Mclaren thunder! All those actions on and off track , garnished with your war of words are so ridiculously dramatic, it must be giving Lewis/Alonso an inferiority complex. You were liked for your fun-quotient and diplomacy - save whatever of it is left.

@Bernie- You sly, 5ft tall bugger, you! Are you behind the scene at Red Bull? Wouldn't be too surprised, considering we have no scandalous 'gate's this season. Just..pick another team?

@Lewis, Button - So, you've been christened Lewson/Jenis by the media. Jenis, seriously? All the in-team-love is slightly over done, fellas. The patience is running out, just call each other a wanker and collide already!

@Ferrari - Dudes, I'm Tifosi and everything, but hello! You're supposed to be a Prancing Horse , not a braying child of a donkey. Let me put it across very simply :
Ferrari + Raikkonen + whining = monotone-d fun.
Ferrari + Schumacher + whining = bearable.
Ferrari + Alonso + whining = pain in everyone's rear.
You're not winning because you're not improving! It has nothing to do with one of the stewards not having a pleasant family life. No one's plotting against you!
"Its all a conspiracy =( "
So stop wailing and pointing fingers, before your logo goes from the classic horse to this --->

Oh Nando, you can continue. It's always fun when your frustration makes its way to the team radio , for all of us to hear. Also, (dyamn) I don't really have any other reason to pick on you.
(For your benefit kind reader, Alonso doing his thing : 1. A funny one  2.A sulky one )

@ Schumi - Don't quit. Not yet.

When the "Schumacher is a back-marker" claims drop into my chat window, I have nothing to say. I can only hope for better, I can only look back at The Race of Champions and feel a sense of relief. No matter what though, my opinion of the maestro will never change. 

Formula1 is set to redeem itself this weekend, with rain hinting it might pay us a visit. I, for one, have been looking forward to this race for a very long time. After Schumacher, Germany and Formula 1 combine most beautifully in the location for this weekend's race - Hockenheim. The German GP is here, bringing back every emotion the German football team did. I'm excitedly hoping to witness an entertaining race and I can tell I won't be disappointed.
To all fans, happy (pre-poned and extended) Oktoberfest!