Friday, May 1, 2009

A little game called go insane.

Doors dedic, yes.

Funny is my thing. Atleast, I badly want it to be. And so, I keep myself from posting when what I have to say cannot accommodate funny. But I couldn't find a better place to proclaim my love.Status messages do not look good when you have epics written on them. So well, the latest addition to my list of obsessions and fetishes, what manages to drive me insane : Voices.

I have nothing much to say, really. Just that I love deep voices. Yes, there was a time when I thought nothing or no one could surpass Shane. The lead singer of Westlife, remember? (no? thought so.) And then there was Bryan Adams and a few years later, Bon Jovi. After three years of listening to Jovi's inspirational songs, I discovered Gothic rock and oh, did engineer-in-the-making-depressed-me love it! All the black , the deep voices, dark lyrics..heavenly. Nothing gets better than Finnish Rock, when you're looking for deep or opera-ish voices. Try HIM(a good looking front man can never hurt) and Theatre of Tragedy, you'll know what I mean.
Right now, there's The Killers. The lyrics, the voice, the music-all addictive. Also, Eddie Vedder. 'Into the Wild' ,anybody? \m/ Cannot articulate better.

Whats better than just deep voices? Jim Morrison. The long-hair/Greek-God look only adds to the baritone I so love. The first time I heard 'The End' by The Doors, I sat still for over half an hour, in complete awe. Morrison's voice took me to this whole other place! When he sings 'Riders on the storm' , I put off all work at hand and let my soul enjoy music,at its best. As (awesomely) weird as the man was, nothing compares to his poems or songs, and the way he voices them. I could mention many,many lines that I absolutely love, but I guess I'll leave them for you to discover, if you haven't already.

There's a whole lot of other artists I love, obviously. Many brilliant artists. Probably many,many more that I haven't come across yet. But I'll limit this post to so much. After all, it started of with me wanting to put up a status message saying 'I love deep voices'.
If there are any artist/band/song recommendations you'd like to make, please do! :)

Yes, I'm still loyal to Ferrari.