Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The kind of post that gets deleted - 4

Welcome once again, non-existent reader, to the world of arbitness. This is going to be one of those spontaneous posts,  with no proof-reading or editing, where I simply wish to check if my keyboard is functioning.

2 fractures , one on each arm , while I was just being myself.
1 hairline fracture - and I still can't bend that toe.
1 cycle - truck accident , after I forgot I was coyote and not road runner.
1 muscle-ripping moped - rickshaw accident, because the rickshaw driver was just being your average rickshaw driver.
And of course, not to disregard the common fall - that usual trip and fall and slide. And many an embarrassed smile.

Ask me to list the times I've hurt myself and these incidents immediately come to mind. So yes, I've had my fair share of accidents, falls and injuries. But I've never had that crowning moment. You know, when you get a bump on your head? Never, until last week.
After all these miraculous feats, one would expect that I land the crown in a glorious manner, yeah? But no, I simply had to walk into that wall and then flail my arms like an awkward flamingo. It's disappointing. You know why? I thought this was one field where I exercised expertise. It's very disappointing.

So is the buildup to our CWG. Like I wish the F1 season and Schumi's career would take off again, I hope, like every Indian, that the CWG happen smoothly and successfully. Also, the  Indian Olympic Association, who took charge of CWG, signed a deal with the FIA for the Indian GP. Their involvement in this might just bring in a déjà vu moment come October 2011, when Bernie stomps his way around a deserted Gurgaon. But, we may not be the only country to pull a stunt like this. One of them Korean countries plans to hold a race too and their track looks like this :
F1 race track? You bet.

Oh, did I mention? The Korean GP is set to happen this October.

The track at Spa

The next race though, is at Spa Francorchamps, Belgium. A beautiful track, universally loved, what with its uphill sections and the works. One of my favorite tracks of all time, it's also been a great place for Schumacher and Raikkonen. The latter of course,  won't even race here this time. And to think it was him and the Belgium GP 2008, that made me want to create this blog. *nostalgia* 

Love this track, yes I do.

And I won't get to watch this race this weekend. No, don't ask.

I have been overdosing on nostalgia of late, with many good friends passing out of college or moving out of the city.  And as always, music comes to aid. While I have discovered/been gifted links to many wonderful bands/artists/songs over the last few months, I've got to make a special mention of In Extremo. They're German and they play medieval Irish, Swedish and Finnish instruments. My thoughts initially - are you kidding me?! If you dig this kind of music, you should probably give this song a try : Vollmond.

Ok, then, my testing's through. I'll leave you with this video of Formula 1 drivers doing their..err.. thing. They were to make sounds, imitating an F1 car, but Petrov and Massa were into something else altogether.

After laughing my heart out, it occurred to me that what happened in Hockenheim wasn't Ferrari's fault. No team orders, no growling Alonso. Massa has just always been the tame kitty.