Thursday, October 15, 2009

Not an F1 post.

Music is love. If music were a person, I'd want to marry him. (Its another thing that I'd say the same for Batman). There's isn't an instance when music hasn't helped me, there isn't an occasion when music isn't welcome. And I believe one of the most satisfying experiences, apart from living it yourself, comes from sharing music.

I've been blessed to have many generous people around me, who don't take too long to post links to the new discoveries they make. I've also been extremely jobless in scanning arbit sites and well, profile pages (I don't stalk, honest!) , to collect new music. Making an attempt to list out my favorites would be futile, with no doubts. Attempting to post an article about shady songs would be useless as well, because I can name a good number of crazy dudes around me, who'll know songs that are just that much higher up on the weird-o-meter.

So, this edition of my tribute to music will simply list ten artists/songs that are non-english! Famous or unknown, pronounceable names or otherwise, the music is definitely good! :)

1. Hedningarna.
The inspiration behind this post, I love how the male and female artists blend their voices in with the mystifying beats and enthralling music! They are brilliant. Listen to 'Räven' and tell me if I'm flattering them. I LOVE this song. Love it so much, I can sing those Swedish words even. 'Vargtimmen' meaning 'Hour of the wolf' is just as good. Try this band, if thats the last thing you do. This band and their songs are among the many things that make me want to shout out, All hail Scandinavia!

Sigur Rós - Hoppípolla (from the album Takk)
An Icelandic band, these guys play music that I would call exotic! This song is rather famous and has been used for/by various events and networks, including the BBC. Trailers of Slumdog Millionaire used this song as well.. Oh well, the other day TV9 Kannada had this on while talking of the floods in North Karnataka. Famous? Oh yes.

Must give it a listen!

3. Beirut - Prenzlauerberg
(from the album Gulag Orkestar)

One of my shadiest search expeditions on the Gulag story got me the name of this album. Initially, I concluded this band was noise. But this song changed my opinion of them. Gotta admit, they are American, they do sing in English, but not much of the song sounds like English to me. Heh!

Mum loves this one. Aunties, please do try.

4. Avial
! :D

Yes yes, our very neighbours, this Malayali band won me over. Thanks to an over-enthu quizzer-classmate , I decided to give them a listen. And I'm glad I did. They remind me of Linkin' Park, ever so slightly. If you haven't heard 'Karukara' , you're missing out on some genius here.


5.Sergio Mendes - Magalenha
(OST Dance with me)

Thanks HBO. Most songs from this movie are fantastic, but this one stood out. A Samba number, if I remember right, do give it a listen. You will most definitely pull off a couple of dance moves you didn't think you were capable of. And while you're at it, give the OST a shot as well. There's lots of Latino jazz and Salsa and Cha Cha Cha and what not. Oh oh, do watch the actors perform in the movie. Splendid!

Sigh. Love dance.

6.Gypsy Kings
Discovered them with their version of 'Hotel California' (featured in The Big Lebowski!), which I definitely recommend. And there's 'Oye como va', 'Volare' and many more! Fast and uplifting songs, most of them. They're all Spanish, in case you wanted to know.

7. Manu Chao - Me Gustas Tu

All thanks to Facebook and kind seniors who post links regularly. Fun song. Very catchy!

8-10. German bands.

Of course I had to mention them! There's plenty I haven't been able to get my hands on, in spite of all that searching I do. But among the bands I have heard, here are the ones I really like and songs I suggest you try first. Rammstein - who dun-know-'em? Plenty songs to list, but I'm currently hooked to 'Sonne', 'Engel' and 'Zerstören'.
- Rammstein credit them, listing them as a major influence. Try 'Labyrinth' and 'Augen Auf!'. If you like German, you'll like them.

Steinkind - Boy, can they scream! 'Deutschland brennt' provides an entire week's dose of screaming, for me. 'Larissa' is addictive and 'Ich Muss' helps me stay up till 5 , while I try to mug for an exam at 9.

I would add a few Tamil songs to the list, but since I can't spell any of them properly, I'll let it be. Here's hoping you have the patience and time to listen to all of this. Opinions and of course, more artist/song suggestions(with links, preferably) are very welcome!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

An F1 post.

One post I say I miss seeing Alonso on the podium, he wins the next race.
Last post I said, bring Michael back! Well, it almost happened!

How I wish Vettel will be world champion this year!!!

Well, all the wishful thinking apart, I really do miss Michael. All I have is this small tribute(flicked off some blessed site) to share with you. Best bits of his last race.

Michael is, without doubt, the best.

(Is this to be mentioned?
Well, the entire clip is a property of the FIA ..I suppose. And I only intend to share some greatness with the people of the world. Please don't take it off,pretty please!)