Saturday, July 11, 2009

The kind of post that gets deleted -3

*Arbit rants that are supposed to pull a disappearing act*

1. Life's been giving me more than my fair share of lessons lately. (Its another thing that I don't seem to learn well.
) Coorg is a wonderful place, I love it. (who doesn't?) But on my latest trip to the native, I had a lot to learn - the hard way.
a. When your mother tells you 'take a thick shawl and a sweater' , you take a thick shawl AND a sweater.
With the monsoon season paying a visit, its been raining non-stop in Coorg. We got off at the station there at 5 in the morning and I realised, it wasn't as cold as I'd expected it to be. It was far worse! And the I-can-freeze-the-shit-in-you type weather and I didn't really bond. Not only did my fancy, good-for-nothing stole make me crave sunshine, my feet went defunct. Each foot under two pairs of socks and a shoe, stung so bad, I almost felt the need to check if my toes had turned blue. The weather was unbearable and it got me thinking about the unfortunate many who have no option but to endure it. Until my brain went numb, that is. And to think, when I was younger, I used to wonder why Eskimos wore that many warm clothes. I'd say to myself, it can't get that cold now, can it?
I have nothing to comment on degrees of coldness anymore.

b.My favorite Nike shoes aren't waterproof.
Whats worse than cold feet? Wet-cold feet. Skipping and hopping across the puddles and pits on the almost tar-less road, I tried my best to step only on stones/rocks. But when you come across a pond , you can't really do much but walk across it, placing your foot as lightly as possible. Now knowing me, placing-my-foot-lightly wasn't going to help in anyway, so I told my shoes I was sorry and walked on. And then I hear my shoes go 'I'm sorry too'. You know the feeling of having your intestines twisted and yanked out through your mouth? That's pretty much what I felt as my socks soaked in and passed on the dirty water to my feet.Having to walk on ahead, with my feet going *squish squish* was a feeling that I'd need a whole new set of intestines and cutting tools to describe.

There were a couple more. Like, when you hear a creepy sound, don't locate the cause because the goddamned insect might jump you. And don't say you aren't hungry when you haven't tasted the food. You won't like it when you see others relishing it.

2. Current obsession(s) :
I'm not depressed, no. I'm just fond of the following lines ; from songs which you should give a listen to, definitely.

"Death makes angels of us all
and gives us wings
where we had shoulders
smooth as raven's
claws "
A Feast of Friends- The Doors

"Our freedom's consuming itself
What we've become
It's contrary to what we want
Take a bow."
Take a bow- Muse.

"I'm feeling rough, I'm feeling raw, I'm in the prime of my life //... I'll miss the boredom and the freedom and the time spent alone // ... Love must be forgotten, life can always start up anew //
...We're fated to pretend. "
Time to Pretend- MGMT.

3. I'm a new addition to an already massive fan club. Batman Begins happened a little too late in my life. But it did. And all I have to say is this :
Christopher Nolan, Christian Bale are amazing.
Batman is incredible.
Gary Oldman owns all. (He always has, even before the Batman movies) The Oscars mean less than insect pulp until he wins one.

I'll use this space to thank a certain Jim Gordon for all the help rendered.

4. Harry Potter is heeeeerrreee! I'm not 1% as faithful a fan as most friends around me, but this series brings back fond memories of pre-univ college when everyone's-favorite-blogger(A, indeed) and I,along with another friend,spoke about Harry, Snape and darling Sirius every lunch break, made kick-arse badges and wore them to the theater, to watch movie 4! That was the first time I had bunked college for entertainment purposes and you could tell I was thrilled! heh!
Cheers to those days. :)
Hope the movie won't disappoint!

5. Everyone's saying it. And I can-not not agree. Formula 1 is getting boring. I don't know what should be done, I don't know how the changes can be brought about but I do know what I want to see. Bring back Schumi, bring back Mika, bring back Montoya if need be! Give Alonso a good car , throw Lewis in along with him, say bye-bye to tracks that provide no opportunities for racing, kick Mosley under his chin, do whatever it takes but just give us this :

And when/if that happens, BAN stewards from penalizing the drivers.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Something old this way comes.

The average age of drivers in Formula1 today is about 28. Young drivers, that's a good thing. But there's many things old in F1 now. Old people managing the circus, old stewards, old parents and aging controversies. And no, old ain't gold here.

To explain :
1.The old, slow-brained stewards penalize people a little too much. The penalty for Sebastian Vettel at Australia, for *racing*, completely blew the concept of such penalties for me.

2.Old parents are Ok, I have no issues with them-as long as they do not hog the camera. Call me a cold slab of Granite if you wish to, but I haven't the slightest desire to watch them exult with joy on seeing their genes on the podium or express deep shock over a smoky engine. (You can add slightly old pussy cats and dolls to this list.)

3.Controversies. F1 seems to have a theme for each season. 2007 had the Spy-gate controversy (whatte-story! Make a movie anyone?).

2008 had bored Stewards playing snake and ladder with the drivers for pawns. But whatever the gurus had planned for this year, certainly isn't working. F1 is getting boringly monotonous. I say 'boringly monotonous' because Michael's dominance was still enjoyable. Like a wise friend (a non-Schumi fan,mind you) told me, "Michael's victories were a lot more classy". And whats worse is, we have tasteless battles being fought by the oldies. Talking of whom, I move to the finally category of annoying oldness.

4.I only want to express my irritation on the itch in everyone's butt- Mosley. The old dictator who likes turning Jewish in bedrooms , can't seem to get the message. *Everyone is sick of him!* We had the F1 greats, most teams and drivers breathe a sigh of relief when he announced he wouldn't stand for re-election. And what do you know? It doesn't take him too long to go back to the media and say something to the effect of "Looks like I'm needed. I can't leave F1 like this. I may stand for re-election if necessary. I won't walk away from a fight." @#$%*!
Cost reduction is required, yes. But in my opinion, if teams want to spend, they should be allowed to! Its not like they would spend without a cause. How about we let them decide their budget? If teams cant find enough money, they should look for more means of survival, like its always been done. Else, there are other racing series they can walk into (and perhaps dominate?) I firmly believe Formula1 is a class apart from all other forms of racing and I'm not for lowering its standards in any way. I agree the budget cap will help new teams come in, help the weaker teams do better, but quite frankly, I don't care-not as much as I care for Ferrari anyway.
You can tell a person's brains are rusted when he makes a statement like this , "F1 can survive without Ferrari". *ahem* HAHAHA! Wait, isn't this the team that's been with F1 since forever? Isn't this the team with (arguably) the biggest fan following? Isn't F1 almost synonymous with Ferrari, to a large part of the audience? With the big teams failing to deliver this year, we see a decline in F1's popularity. And our old buddy actually believes F1 will survive without them? "Survive", it will, perhaps, but on life-support.
If I haven't been able to convey the reasons for my dislike well enough, get this ; I just don't like his face. I can-not wait to scream out "auf Wiedersehen, sucker!". If Mosley has his way or stays on as the chief of the FIA, I'm all for a new series with FOTA taking charge.
In which case, I will hold an Indian-ised funeral in the loving memory of Formula 1. You are invited.

With fingers crossed on hopes of seeing a German win the German GP next weekend, I'll sign off by wishing Formula 1 a speedy recovery.