Thursday, December 30, 2010

Oh just call it what you want.

I've never kept any resolution, be it the popular 'exercise often' types or the less known 'pray endlessly till you grow taller' types. But this year, I managed to cheat my way through one. Write at least one post every month, I told myself in January. I figured this way my blog would stay alive. One would think, having scammed my way through the resolution, I might have the decency to close with a good post. But yet again I only have a set of completely unrelated things to say. Not that you should have a problem with it though, dear reader, because the last time I checked, you didn't exist. (always wanted to crack this one, heh!)

I hate to admit that as I typed the word 'set' above, all I could think was 'bags and sequences'. Yeah, that's the affect of having a gazillion exams breathing down your neck. Like most normal people, I have issues with exams. And like most normal lazy students, I tend to check the syllabus and find out if I have the right textbooks when the exams are two days away. Now this would be ok if I didn't suffer from recurring episodes of OCD. Have I got an entire syllabus to study in under 48 hours? Yes. Are there a lot of chapters to cover? Yes. Do I start from the preface and the author's notes to his loved ones? A painful, freaking YES. I simply can not go about exam preparation without cleaning my room, cleaning my table, laying down my pens and pencils in order, setting my playlist, sitting down in a corner of the house that my mind's vastu declares fit..and then finally I start from the first bunch of words that are printed in the textbook. Let me not go into details any further or I might start listing the rituals that take place when I finish reading each page. 

The bottom-line is that I obsess over highly insignificant things. And people. And sports. Which, of course, reminds me to mention Formula 1. So I love that sport and would do quite a few unimaginable things to meet some of those racers, but the interest surely has waned over the years. This year, I slept through 2 races and missed all but one qualifying session. *GASP!* The thrill did come back later in the season, but sometimes I think its my need to obsess over something that keeps me hooked to Formula1. That being said, I'd rather obsess over Formula1 than anything or anyone else in the world. Like Justin Bieber. Or trolling about the poor lad on youtube.

Now I can't remember what godforsaken things I've said or done over the year(and I'm glad I don't) but that must mean this year's been ok. The only memory of a facepalm that's fresh in my mind is that one dreadful moment when I accidentally flung my ID card(which was wrapped around my hand) at someone while trying to wave out to someone else. And I remember this because the guy I threw it at is a junior who travels in the same bus as me and he seems to grin mockingly every time he sees me. And that's nearly everyday. groan. 

Like every year in recent times, once again I hope the New Year will be better. But then, this is that year where one has to decide if one wants to work or study further, if one is willing to disagree with family on decisions for the future, if one should cut her hair short or simply leave that messy stack of hay alone.. So I foresee the usual dose of mayhem and conflict making itself at home in my life next year as well. But that's cool because we all know life wouldn't be fun without healthy amounts of crazy in it.

Damn, typing 'stack' up there set off the alarm clock in my head which asks me to study for the exam that's coming up. And to think I thought I would never be one with Information Science and Engineering. Well, If you've managed to get to this point, thanks for all the effort, I appreciate it. I know it hasn't been an easy journey on this page, but your company has been fun and encouraging. So long, have a good New Year!