Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The kind of post that gets deleted when my senses find me-1

*Arbit statements. Not for those who have brains that work-well.*

Right,so there are a lot of things that I don't understand these days and even the magical discussions with mum don't seem to help. Right from the everyday non-sense to Formula1. And, it looks like I can't think of anything better to do than put these 'questions' out here!
Starting with the not-so-normal everyday stuff :
1. Why do I put up posts when I have internals starting in a day and I have not touched ANY book? Especially when I have nothing specific to talk about?
I don't paint my face white or use black lip-stick,or use sticky substances to make my hair stand in different styles. I don't talk about pain and death all the time and I certainly don't believe in Satan.Then what explains my sudden love for Gothic Rock and deep,haunting voices?!
3. How do some people manage to take every joke made on them real well? And live with it even if they aren't appreciated enough for being sportive?
4. How and why did Chuck Norris become a part of my everyday conversation?!
5. Why are we,normal teenage kids in a normal engineering college,so obsessed with pairing people up? Especially when the two people have a lot in common..like their gender..?
6. WHY on Earth are a guy and a girl 'teased' only because they hang around together? (And that,while waiting for certain seniors to join them and brighten their day!)
7. How do PPTs of a ball that has lost a part of it make my class-mates roar with laughter? *wink*
8. When did I get the guts(or lets say,when did my last brain cell die?) to make fun of seniors,on their face?
9. Since when does my optimized vocabulary revolve around just one or two not-very-pleasant words

Moving on to a topic that I'm more eager to talk about :
1. Do I pay for cable tv, only to watch Lewis Hamilton's father,brother,mother,step-mother, and I hate to add, Massa's father?! And oh,watch Lewis hug his mom and step-mom? Why are those faces repeatedly shown on tv?! WHY?!
How jobless is Alonso to go around saying he's going to help Massa? Like he can do anything to actually help. If Massa achieves anything at all, we'll have other fans say he doesn't deserve it because he got help!
Not a day goes by,when I don't talk about how much I miss Schumi and how I wish I could see him on the racing circuit again. Doesn't look like I'll ever have this wish come true. But, just twice I mentioned(on this very blog),that I miss seeing Alonso on the podium. And voila! There he is,on the top step.Two races in a row. Why?! Whoever said 'Be careful what you wish for', must've said it out of some solid experience!
4. What will I have to face from Mclaren fans once Lewis wins the championship?! (Lord,give me strength!)
Do I openly admit that I too believe the FIA supports Ferrari quite a bit? (Agh,the embarrassment!)

There's more,really. Like Why I don't feel like studying,Why my friends and I visit depression oh-so-often,Why creeps pester nice people with high order e-mails,and what not. But what the heck,I'll stop.


Anonymous said...

#6 and #1 beat me!
Internals eh?
Goooooood luck :)

Somebody Else said...

LOL! That was really really funny. You have a knack for this little one!
he he he!

Merin Mandanna said...

Ok I guess thats because you know EXACTLY what or who I'm talking about,at every point. :)

Nandini said...

Hahahahahahahah! Correct! Sounds funny only if the person reading knows Who you're talking about.
@7 - Rofl!

soda said...

3: :)
4: Welcome to QC :D
9: What words???

Merin Mandanna said...

Hehe,Sod, you got them all right! :P

The words..you know,the kind that gets YOU reactions like 'shaantam paapam'! :P

gautam dn said...

OMG! AWESOME Bit .Were the F1 bits specifically meant for me? What a turnaround !Dont worry i wont rub in Ham s win . I m more bothered about Obama now

Merin Mandanna said...

Hahaha yeah. \Especially, Point 4 in the Formula1 section was in your honour. :D

kruthi said...

@ 2....i pity u!! and u missed the voice by jus one reg no :)
@ 6...lol lol lol lol....its like passin on the torch in olympics or somethin :)
@ 7...jus a realization how our class is full of perverted minds :)

Merin Mandanna said...

I know I always drop off hints about the certain Lord ( :P ),but in 2,
I really was talking about Gothic Rock and not just 'deep voice'(s):P
The register number thing,I know..Can't get more tragic huh!

The Olympic torch,in this case,you can only keep ma:P And our class..lets just hope we remain sane at the end of four years! :P :)

playbyrules said...

how do you think so straight merin? the cribbing makes perfect sense in your blog.

Akshata said...

Life's perfect, isn't it? :p

Gothic rock! \m/ :) \m/

Waiting for a glass shattering version of the final race. ;)

Merin Mandanna said...

No where near perfect.
You like Gothic rock too?? :D awesome!
I thought I shouldn't write about the race,Aks.You know,to show respect.. :P
One F1 post coming up soon though:)

Kertz said...

Schumi's last season was heart breaking... I wanted him to win... :(

Merin Mandanna said...

Oh same here! :( I still remember every abuse I threw at no/everybody the day his engine blew,while in the lead.

(Sorry,but Kertz,do I know you?)

Kertz said...

Yeah... but why? I never got a reason for that... He is the best.. why should that happen to him? He deserved to win... I never got an answer... So I quit thinking :) But its quite strange...

(Nah... I don't think you know me... :) I hope so...)