Friday, May 1, 2009

A little game called go insane.

Doors dedic, yes.

Funny is my thing. Atleast, I badly want it to be. And so, I keep myself from posting when what I have to say cannot accommodate funny. But I couldn't find a better place to proclaim my love.Status messages do not look good when you have epics written on them. So well, the latest addition to my list of obsessions and fetishes, what manages to drive me insane : Voices.

I have nothing much to say, really. Just that I love deep voices. Yes, there was a time when I thought nothing or no one could surpass Shane. The lead singer of Westlife, remember? (no? thought so.) And then there was Bryan Adams and a few years later, Bon Jovi. After three years of listening to Jovi's inspirational songs, I discovered Gothic rock and oh, did engineer-in-the-making-depressed-me love it! All the black , the deep voices, dark lyrics..heavenly. Nothing gets better than Finnish Rock, when you're looking for deep or opera-ish voices. Try HIM(a good looking front man can never hurt) and Theatre of Tragedy, you'll know what I mean.
Right now, there's The Killers. The lyrics, the voice, the music-all addictive. Also, Eddie Vedder. 'Into the Wild' ,anybody? \m/ Cannot articulate better.

Whats better than just deep voices? Jim Morrison. The long-hair/Greek-God look only adds to the baritone I so love. The first time I heard 'The End' by The Doors, I sat still for over half an hour, in complete awe. Morrison's voice took me to this whole other place! When he sings 'Riders on the storm' , I put off all work at hand and let my soul enjoy music,at its best. As (awesomely) weird as the man was, nothing compares to his poems or songs, and the way he voices them. I could mention many,many lines that I absolutely love, but I guess I'll leave them for you to discover, if you haven't already.

There's a whole lot of other artists I love, obviously. Many brilliant artists. Probably many,many more that I haven't come across yet. But I'll limit this post to so much. After all, it started of with me wanting to put up a status message saying 'I love deep voices'.
If there are any artist/band/song recommendations you'd like to make, please do! :)

Yes, I'm still loyal to Ferrari.


Meghana Naidu said...

O shall i say something or SHALL i say something. you write about things so close to my heart ;) however. No. No go vettel. will not do. no no. Just so we're clear.

Moving on.. \m/ yeah! long hair+deep voice *sigh :D

Theatre of tragedy \m/ recommendation hmm i dont know. i think i need a whole blog for that or you could see

Fun read out and out :)

Nandini said...

Whoa! Music post and here I come very eagerly! A big 5 on Eddie Vedder. Society is like one of the most revolutionary songs i've ever come across. Brandon Flowers drove me nuts with the addiction for a while too.

Long hair is fine, but where do I get the deep voice from? You're still mine right? ;)

Lovely post Mer! Write more often!

I listened to Society right after reading this post. What effect see? :)

scientist said...

ahaaa i see i see :) baritones have quiet deep influences :P vedder is as always gawddd! anyone forget dave mathews ??? hes got the range and baritone :) PS summer wine originaal by Lee hazelwood - please feel free to compare that mega baritone


Kertz said...
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Kertz said...

Listen to "Where do we draw the line?" by Poets of the Fall.

Akshata said...

Theatre of Tragedy! \m/

Friend of mine has been endorsing London After Midnight forever. Should be good..I'm downloading an album right now.

Madhurya said...

Aha! Deep voices and long hair are a pleasure indeed. As already pointed out, Poets of the Fall is a must listen. the legends of awesome voice (atleast according to me) ought to be Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley! :)
Do catch up with classics like Strangers in the night, My way, Something stupid, Bad Bad Leroy Brown (Hell! I've the Frank Sinatra greatest hits to share if you want!)
And Elvis Presley is never to be beaten! (Classic I can't help falling in Love with you) :)

Madhurya said...

On the heavier side, you've James Hetfield (Ahem, Metallica), Warrel Dane (Nevermore-you'l get good opera vox).
You've already mentioned ToT. there's also Nightwish, Lacuna coil, Within Temptation.Its not lead vocals here, but few solo tracks are bril. :)
And since you're a goth metal(music) person try out Type o Negative,Xandria, Epica, Katatonia, Lacrimosa, Lake of Tears, Leavs' eyes (Ex ToT Member Liv Kristine's band)Nemesea, Sins of thy beloved, Tristania..
Uh.. Pardon me. I could go on and on about it. Music is one the few things i'm passionate about.
Please do let me know if you know any more great listens. :)

Merin Mandanna said...

Not a Vettel fan? :( damn.. Thanks,loads, for the link, did visit it..will give it a proper look soon! :)

Thanks to you for Vedder!(among many other things/artists) :) And you don't need the deep voice. ;) :D
Society playing here as well, my lady. :)

a big :D hehe. And ooh Summer wine=love!! But I've heard the version by Frank Sinatra ..and another one by Ville Valo(from HIM, the band I mentioned in the post). Will give this one a listen too. Thanks. :)

I've always loved that song. :) Thanks.

London after midnight? Goes on the download list *right now*! :) Thanks. :)

Elvis \m/ :)
Could recognize a bunch of names there. I see there's a lot of them Finnish bands in the list! :) I've been listening to a few of those random songs and bands as well. A lot of new names in there. Will definitely give them a listen. Thanks a ton. :)

Kertz said...

Helden(German) - Apocalyptica version feat. Till Lindemann (Rammstein)

Kertz said...


you missed After Forever

Kertz said...

Where is Chris Cornell! :O

Kertz said...

eh... I'm not able to stop... :P

But one more for now...

*Maynard James Keenan* :) Listen to the song 'Sober' by Tool.

Merin Mandanna said...

:D Thank you!
Especially for the German one. :)

Madhurya said...

@ Merin
yeah. The list goes on as i mentioned. This is just the beginning. ;-)

@ Kertz
oh yeah. Thanks for reminding.After forever. Tiamat, Therion.. Loads more great artists. Apocalyptica is good too. I like the way they use the cello. Especially what they've done to the metallica tracks. :)

Kertz said...

Apocalyptica is more than just Metallica covers :) They have released many originals with different vocalists. I love their originals more, especially the song, I don't care.

Check this out if you haven't heard
Brother - Warrel Dane (Nevermore vocalist)

Shashi Kiran said...
you might some deep drumming :P