Saturday, July 4, 2009

Something old this way comes.

The average age of drivers in Formula1 today is about 28. Young drivers, that's a good thing. But there's many things old in F1 now. Old people managing the circus, old stewards, old parents and aging controversies. And no, old ain't gold here.

To explain :
1.The old, slow-brained stewards penalize people a little too much. The penalty for Sebastian Vettel at Australia, for *racing*, completely blew the concept of such penalties for me.

2.Old parents are Ok, I have no issues with them-as long as they do not hog the camera. Call me a cold slab of Granite if you wish to, but I haven't the slightest desire to watch them exult with joy on seeing their genes on the podium or express deep shock over a smoky engine. (You can add slightly old pussy cats and dolls to this list.)

3.Controversies. F1 seems to have a theme for each season. 2007 had the Spy-gate controversy (whatte-story! Make a movie anyone?).

2008 had bored Stewards playing snake and ladder with the drivers for pawns. But whatever the gurus had planned for this year, certainly isn't working. F1 is getting boringly monotonous. I say 'boringly monotonous' because Michael's dominance was still enjoyable. Like a wise friend (a non-Schumi fan,mind you) told me, "Michael's victories were a lot more classy". And whats worse is, we have tasteless battles being fought by the oldies. Talking of whom, I move to the finally category of annoying oldness.

4.I only want to express my irritation on the itch in everyone's butt- Mosley. The old dictator who likes turning Jewish in bedrooms , can't seem to get the message. *Everyone is sick of him!* We had the F1 greats, most teams and drivers breathe a sigh of relief when he announced he wouldn't stand for re-election. And what do you know? It doesn't take him too long to go back to the media and say something to the effect of "Looks like I'm needed. I can't leave F1 like this. I may stand for re-election if necessary. I won't walk away from a fight." @#$%*!
Cost reduction is required, yes. But in my opinion, if teams want to spend, they should be allowed to! Its not like they would spend without a cause. How about we let them decide their budget? If teams cant find enough money, they should look for more means of survival, like its always been done. Else, there are other racing series they can walk into (and perhaps dominate?) I firmly believe Formula1 is a class apart from all other forms of racing and I'm not for lowering its standards in any way. I agree the budget cap will help new teams come in, help the weaker teams do better, but quite frankly, I don't care-not as much as I care for Ferrari anyway.
You can tell a person's brains are rusted when he makes a statement like this , "F1 can survive without Ferrari". *ahem* HAHAHA! Wait, isn't this the team that's been with F1 since forever? Isn't this the team with (arguably) the biggest fan following? Isn't F1 almost synonymous with Ferrari, to a large part of the audience? With the big teams failing to deliver this year, we see a decline in F1's popularity. And our old buddy actually believes F1 will survive without them? "Survive", it will, perhaps, but on life-support.
If I haven't been able to convey the reasons for my dislike well enough, get this ; I just don't like his face. I can-not wait to scream out "auf Wiedersehen, sucker!". If Mosley has his way or stays on as the chief of the FIA, I'm all for a new series with FOTA taking charge.
In which case, I will hold an Indian-ised funeral in the loving memory of Formula 1. You are invited.

With fingers crossed on hopes of seeing a German win the German GP next weekend, I'll sign off by wishing Formula 1 a speedy recovery.


Vinay Hegde said...

Average is 28aa? I expected it to be a lot lesser.. :O

:D Agree, totally about Moseley and Ferrari.

I would love to hear the Finnish anthem. But the guy lets me down everytime :(

Meghana Naidu said...

Ah what can i say, what can i say ;)
you know my reaction is a vehement, intense YES yes yes to every point.

and pseudo-Auschwitz uniforms
WTbloodyF !!!

F1 without ferrari, yeah. sure. AND lets try to do away with the tyres. and maybe.. with the budget cap fitted "tightly in place" we can have the crew/drivers/owners push the cars around.
and THEN lets make away with the cars completely and hand some spoons and lemons around.
Now that would be racing!
*wroom wroom*


Kertz said...

A funeral? Wow I'm in :D

eh... Geminis

Meghana Naidu said...

take a bow :P

and @Kertz: gemini you might be but me is her favorite.

that has a nice ring to my favorite martian. i like i like :D

Merin Mandanna said...

:D Heh!!

Kertz said...

A Gemini favoring another Gemini? And you believe it? :O

Meghana Naidu said...

@Kertz Ofcourse i do. Why ever not!

so according to you, i have to reconsider all your comments on my blog then? ;)

Kertz said...


I did comment on your blog? :O :P

Ehm... might be my twin not me... ;)

Akshata said...

I would love to hear the Finnish anthem. But the guy lets me down everytime :(

I share the guy's sentiment.

Still in pain over Honda's withdrawal.

The capricorn feebly bleats in agreement as well. :) Have nearly stopped watching F1..