Wednesday, October 14, 2009

An F1 post.

One post I say I miss seeing Alonso on the podium, he wins the next race.
Last post I said, bring Michael back! Well, it almost happened!

How I wish Vettel will be world champion this year!!!

Well, all the wishful thinking apart, I really do miss Michael. All I have is this small tribute(flicked off some blessed site) to share with you. Best bits of his last race.

Michael is, without doubt, the best.

(Is this to be mentioned?
Well, the entire clip is a property of the FIA ..I suppose. And I only intend to share some greatness with the people of the world. Please don't take it off,pretty please!)


Mohan said...

That is true... We all miss Schumi. I have been grossly disappointed with the performance of kimi in Ferrari. I wish Alonso brings in some luck to Ferrari team and hope to see them back in the podiums again and again.

Kertz said...

ah... at last some update...