Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Come here, 2017.

Don’t mean to sound like a twat, but let’s review what we have on our hands. Shall we?

Acceptance. Of growing older, physically (we can agree I was mentally 42 a decade ago). 
Empathy. For snot-faced kids that I’d previously treat like radioactive Uranium. Because I didn’t have a single walk out in the cold when my nose didn’t decide to behave like a malfunctioning water pipe. 
Comfort. In finding colleagues that really are adopted family. And discovering, rediscovering the best of friends. The kinds I can’t not be completely honest with. 
Happiness. And repeatedly finding it in small meals, small travels, small pegs, small treks, small budgets, (many) small conversations, small campaigns, small reassurances and massive hugs. 
Courage. In trusting my overly enthusiastic, untrained, whiskey loving, sister-from-another-mister colleague with my fragile hair for a free hair cut. 
Motorsport. Dear nosy relative who cried about me not having a long-term relationship in my life, meet Motorsport. 
Brevity. And being reminded of its importance at work..and in life. Sigh. #CanIHireAPersonalCopyWriter
Entitlement. And why getting rid of it is so important. 
Beauty. Of lakes and hills. Everything else is temporary. 
Tears. Frustration. Heart break. Failure. Agony. Because who am I kidding? 
Sleepless nights. Wait, scratch that. Who am I kidd...zz.
David Bowie, among others. Donald Trump, among others. 

2016 dropped by all of that and more. She alternatively knocked me out cold and slapped the widest of grins on my face but either way, she was a stunner. Go one better, will you, 2017? *fist bump*


nalini said...

Hope and pray that
2017 will be a mile stone in your life not only just for f1....for many more things..... go for it my girl

Gai said...

Words of wisdom from mommy's dream land.

It takes a heart and more to embrace life fully. And look at that joy of those words and punctuation that neatly curve your journey..may you enrich that soul.