Monday, September 22, 2008

At RVCE and In Quiz Corp.

* This is the part of the blog that becomes a not-so-personal diary and is meant for a very small audience.(2-3 people?).If you think you can keep in touch with me irrespective of how silly i can get, ONLY then, go ahead and read. *

So its been just over a year,in the institution at the 8Th mile,Mysore road. Let me start with an honest opinion-however tough things are at RVCE,it really is one of the best colleges in Bangalore. Probably the best.
Now,well,its been fun I guess.The classes(when you're in Info science,yes),the fests, the people. The girls in my class are a perfect blend-the geeks,the ones that know how to have fun, the ones that can dress oh-so-well and most importantly-the ones that crack me up with their wit,all the time. A bunch of good friends in class,out of class,especially in the computer science department and the ones I get to chatter with on the bus-they make life easy.
Anyway,here's a couple of lessons I learned,this one year.

1. Crying to see or talk to your old friends is not going to help. Especially when colleges plot to make sure you wont have an off on the same day.
2. In spite of being in love with Mathematics,if you study for a Math exam two hours before it actually starts,by only glancing through your 'notes', you'll scrape through the exam-that,if you're lucky.
3. When you're pissed at someone/something,do not talk to ANYone. Especially if you're a talkative Gemini.
4. When a person talks to you or your friends for only five minutes in their entire life and then sends you a message like this -"I treat u as best frnd bcz u r first friend in engineering.If i talk with u,is it hurts?" , make sure you don't encourage the best-friendship.
5. When you desperately want to go to an OTR meet on a Sunday,and you have a dad who is 'very strict', don't fight with him on the previous Saturday.

Moving on,here, lets talk about the one thing in college that makes me happy about my existence. I've gone into more depressions in this last one year,than in my entire life .But Quiz Corp is a place that makes every functioning cell of my brain happy. Sadly, As much as I love quizzing, I suck at it. But to watch the smart ones go right at it and murder the questions or to see excellent questions leave the smart ones awe-struck,is simply amazing! I make my 'small',lazy attempts to improve,but quizzing sure requires dedication and hard work.Maybe someday, I'll at least reach up to a level of quizzing where I can say-'Damn,I missed quali by one point!!!' :)

Talking of Quiz Corp,it has to be the best group on this planet. I've met amazing people,who I certainly wont forget for a very long time. Probably the smartest,wittiest lot in college. There's the super-cool fourth years who seem to know literally everything under the sun!!! The kick-arse third years and of course a big bunch of nice batch mates and juniors. And the super-seniors,as they are called-All hail our Gods of quizzing!:)

I'd like to make a special mention of the two people who got me into Quiz Corp:
Arbit Rants : Major geek,but a very nice fellow,very very sportive(I haven't seen anyone else who takes gay/straight jokes so well!). Can really give you good advice,when you need it.Oh and he got me into QC and introduced me to Avial!! :

Somebody else : What can I say about this mind-blowing-ly talented lady? She's someone I truly admire, for her wit, her beautiful literary skills and her ability to turn into 'the' agony aunt when need arises. Another kick-arse third year who makes my stay at QC a lot more comfortable,than it would've been otherwise. :)

I would like to conclude with a BIG thumbs up (and thanks!) to the QC for the gazillion things its done for me, and, with a prayer that I will last for three years(only) in RVCE and somehow,make my parents proud.


MUJEEBpatla said...

nice right-up.... keep posting...

Merin Mandanna said...

and you are...?


soda said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Merin Mandanna said...

you mean, dont mention any names? ok that scares me..should i take them off? which names? all names?! :O

Somebody Else said...

You sound lovestruck, child.
I have lots to say. Maybe I will, elsewhere!

I agree. RV is a super place. I shall admit, I never had the guts to say it :) Same goes for Quizcorp!

Merin Mandanna said...

Siri,I am NOT lovestruck.
Calling it a crush is embarrassing enough.

Waiting to listen to thy words though! :)

Somebody Else said...

"listen"(consider variations) you sure seem to be doing a lot of. My words or not, I shall not know! :P

Somebody Else said...

Dude, thanks btw, for saying such nice things about me. :) Your post inspired me to write a less specific but similar post myself. That got me out of my eternity-long bloggers block! So thanks!

And I finally realised what that club was all about! ROFL!!!

soda said...

somebody else is such a TUBELIGHT :|

Merin Mandanna said...

Yes yes, I pathetically listen to certain people who walk by like I'm invisible. Will put an end to the misery as soon as my brain takes over my heart.
(how corny was that? :P )
lol. Will read your post soon:)

@ Soda,
yes!! I know.. knowing the two of us, and our sad stories,how can one not know what club I'm talking about?! :P
took all the names out,by the way :)

Merin Mandanna said...

Soda,you deleted your comment?

gautam dn said...

huh? where is my comment? i had posted something...anyway gain ill post it...nice read !!! BTW who is the DOOD you were reffering to in point 5? lmao

Merin Mandanna said...

I have no idea,sorry..Didn't read/receive any comment..
The DOOD, is this person from college..Lets not speak of this on the www.

M Ramya said...

Ur lessons made me laugh:). the first one is unfortunately so true..

Merin Mandanna said...

Yes yes. that was a dedic to you,Ramya!