Friday, September 26, 2008

I'd not planned to 'write' today!

From 5.45pm. Yes,from 5.45 in the evening,I'd been trying to tune my damned television set,so I could watch the practice session of the first ever night-grand prix,being held in Singapore. Also,this was the first time a practice session was going to be aired. After nearly two hours and over seven frikkin' phone calls to the cable guy,I was blessed with the privilege of watching it. BUT ,I missed it for 45 minutes!!!!!

Our cable fellow can allot three sport-channels.He usually gifts me with ESPN,Star Sports and Ten Sports. But on important days like today,he takes them off! And he puts what?
Neo sports-cricket.
Ten sports-cricket.
Star cricket-do I frikkin' need to explain?!
Oh does it get worse? YES! Ten Sports was telecasting an OLD match from some ancient time!!!!!
Its times like this that make me dislike cricket. I don't really dislike the game,I only find this extremely unfair! And I definitely don't want an argument with cricket fans now.

Yes,this has happened before. No star sports on Formula1 weekends. Friends suggested Tata- Sky and the kind. We get CNN,NDTV,Times Now.VH1 and Mtv.HBO, Star Movies,et all.Even Nat Geo and Discovery.Dad has his TV9. We have no problems with the few Tamil channels that we watch now and then.(Dad loves Vadivelu,you see).So how do I ask my father for Tata-Sky? Should I tell him I want it so I can peacefully watch a sport that he SO does-not-like? The sport that takes away three hours of my 'study-time' on a Sunday?(I nearly choked typing that).I can't get Tata-Sky,thats for sure. :(

So I await the big day-this Sunday. Translating quite literally a very filmy Hindi dialogue, I've placed a rock over my heart and decided that I will miss the start of the Singapore Grand Prix, to attend a meet 'On the Rocks' of a certain park in the city.But when I get back home, if I do not find Star sports, I swear in the name of Lewis Hamilton, I will find the guy responsible for it..I will not sue him.No,I won't shoot him. I'll pepper spray him over and over again,I'll kick him where it hurts most and then slit his throat-with a knife,Joker style. Or if I'm really mad and decide to do something worse, I'll give him such a lecture that he wont ever forget in his sorry life and then he's going to make sure that I receive Star sports,for as long as he's alive-this,I swear to God. No, I don't think my cable guy is going to read this, but for his own well-being,I hope there's someone praying for him and hope he's working on the lecture I gave him today.

If the race keeps me happy enough to think of sentences to type,I will post soon. :)

The Singapore track by the way,is fabulous!!! The view of the place is so good that I found it hard to keep my eyes on the track sometimes! And did you see how beautiful the cars looked? Oh and did you see Alonso's last lap?! Low on fuel or whatever, that was simply S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G!!!!! Hope to see him and my Ferrari dudes on the podium this weekend!!!


soda said...

Nice,but very very was friggin psychotic :P...bad enough seeing u snap in college...but in cyberspace where u can be more expressive ( cos there's nobody to say shaantam paapam :P (sp for short:P :P)) is flat out terrifying.

And yeah u can keep my name on as its a very off handed mention of it.

soda said...

PS: Shish and me started using SP whenever we said any "bad words":D

Merin Mandanna said...

hehehe sp? lol.haha lol! i can imagine!!:P
great mood,since massa got pole and kimi is third..but i have a feeling lewis will have a good race!! hope im wrong.

(i snap? in college?? :O cant remember,really :P)

gautam dn said...

Actually the singapore tack was disappointing ...too slow!And hey i wanna too come on the rocks ? am i allowed?

Merin Mandanna said...

Im looking forward to seeing cars go off the curves,like fisi did in practice :P (minus the ferraris,of course) I guess the drivers will be cautious today..cant speak for the start though..with massa,lewis and kimi all together!
Maybe Im good luck for ferrari. all i have to do is NOT watch the race.i missed quali and they did well! good il miss today's start.

Oh and the otr, of course you can come!!! considering how good you are at quizzing,you must come!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Digression- How are the German classes coming along?

Merin Mandanna said...

Digression indeed! :P

The great people took classes for only about 50 hours,Swat!!!! :( teacher was real good though..exam coming up in two weeks!!!