Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The one with all the goodwill.

Keeping with my habit of warning all innocent beings out there,
Please note: This post is infested with inside jokes and that may result in you not understanding my blink-and-miss attempts at humour.

So, in case you didn't get the message, I won an award. Yes,I know its not the kind that I can proudly tell my father about. In fact,its the kind that makes my mother laugh(out loud). But it is special because somebody else, who comes close to being my mentor, gave it to me.

"This award is given to a blog that invests and believes in PROXIMITY - nearness in space, time and relationships! These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in prizes or self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers! Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award"

*Lets all be nice children and show some respect,ok? :) *

Considering the fact that this could be the only award I'll ever get, lets thank a few of those people I should thank. No,really.
Thanks to mom, for letting me use the internet whenever I want to,inspite of the strict rules I'm supposed to abide by. Among others, Nihal(my good ol' F1 mate and the reason why my first post came up), Gautam(who more often than not does something that makes me want to write),Arjun(the theories he builds!),thanks. And of course, all my friends who (are forced to) read my blog and leave that tiny little comment to make me feel good,thanks.

Time I do my bit and pass this on. Since I have a problem with numbers(among other issues), I can't stick to eight. But going by the text above, more awards given, more friendships propagated,right? :)

This lady needs no introduction in this part of the world.She's the perfect person I always wanted to be. Her blog has excellent ideas-each turned into a masterpiece , brilliant language, beautiful poems, a tinge of attitude(the right kind) and more of the good stuff,all garnished with wit.(She happens to be a very good cook too!) Nothing I say can compliment her talent well enough, so with a big 'thank you' for two splendid years at college,here's the first award.

Here's someone I definitely can't do justice to, with just my words. The life of every gathering, it doesn't take her too long to win hearts. Over 30 articles for a leading newspaper, numerous articles for Citizen Matters, editor of the college magazine, a bunch of interviews(she's been the interviewer and the interviewee!), a fan following-all before she turned **(as young as she is,she doesn't like it when we mention her age). And if you still require a kid to break it to you, she's among the best writers that have walked the ground of our (beloved)state.
The most sought after person in adoption issues, she fills in every void that life lays in front of her children and siblings. Here's to the person who walked into my life just as I was to surrender to certain evil forces of the 8th mile, the person who made college fun.
I'm lucky. Why? Do you know someone to whom you can say 'lets get depressed together!' with a huge smile on your face and feel great about the plan? No? Thought so. :)

Padma and Nandini- Here's the first of the twin awards.
Padma has a blog that reflects her, with an additional supply of attitude and wit. Simple and fun,that's her and her blog as well. The quiet one that keeps a certain infamous group tightly knit, she's my partner in majestic and well planned crimes that are never committed and well, quizzes where we battle our demons. Would love to give her a Darcy but this award is the best I can do. :)
Nandini. (the . was necessary) Of trees,dates and branches. Of happy-talk(find suitable synonym), tasty food and issues with hormones. A LOT can be said about the wonderful equation I have with this lady, if only I could. Here's an award for having a thought-provoking blog name and for being that special person I can't do without.

Soda and Nakul
What can I say? One loves saying things like 'women are complicated pa' and the other always talks high of the female kind. But both,willingly or unwillingly put up with my constant rants, hyper-ness and depressions alike. There's Soda who saves my soul with excellent tuitions a day before an important exam(bunking a class,that too! ;) ) and Nakul,who simply has nice advice to offer,when I need it. The future of a certain quizzing community(cough!), these young lads also happen to write very well. With a special mention of Soda's ability to come up with excellent titles for his posts, out go two more awards.

Is it possible to love someone even after they beat you up,cause mental torture and almost-permanently damage your backbone? Apparently,yes. There's a clan that specializes in such display of greatness. Those losers are called sisters.
This cousin of mine maintains a blog when he's not busy winning quizzes and national level essay competitions,making fun of almost everyone around or simply torturing(or getting tortured by) street dogs. My guru since always, I picked up everything he left behind.(be it F1, wwe or Iron Maiden) I have no hopes of getting anything out of his huge first salary but I shall say this anyway: his articles are absolute fun to read (even when he's talking about eating/not eating dogs) and you should give his blog a visit. :)

For additional effects, play Get Back by Ludacris*
Yes,the master of all masters does have a blog. But hey, when you're this busy winning tennis tournaments, acing exams, building cars, posing for photo-shoots with important people, winning/breaking hearts, reading everything the internet has to offer, making chicken soup, spreading cheer, making lives better and generally making sure every sentence that comes out of your mouth is witty, how would you find the time to blog,right? Needless to say, the man can write very well and hopefully, will start writing again. Since no part of my brain can come up with a fancy way of praising this person sufficiently, I shall stop. He's just one of those people everyone should have the privilege of knowing.
(and just when you think you've exhausted all kinds of praises, he'll come up with a new one-in honour of himself. ;) )

The Siddharths of Kharagpur
a. Sid Prabhu
Mr.I'm-too-busy-to-do-any-of-the-stuff-you-do-online really has a tight schedule. Though he doesn't have a blog of his own,each of his comments on other's blogs are worthy of being blog posts. Oh and he happens to be on the team of The Scholars Avenue! This award goes to him because he can write(and well) and also for being : a great senior at school, one of the best-est friends I could ever ask for ,the great adopted brother that he is and for simply making life better.
b. Sid Singh
Would you spend time helping out a cranky,hopeless teenage girl that you know not too well,with her trivial issues? Zoo,as he is fondly called at IIT,wouldn't mind. And he's not just a nice guy, he blogs very well. His blog oozes nerdiness and wit. :D Oh also, he's homophobic and blogs about it! Definitely a must-visit,dont you think?

This happening lady blogs about everyday's everythings and in style! Just what I would like to read when I want to cut-off from the world I know. Simple and refreshing. And very worthy of an award meant for super-nice bloggers.

And well, lets give extra credit to a personality that battles various forces to be able to blog :
I step out into the world everyday and be myself. Like that's not enough, I come here and blog to keep my stupidity on display to the virtual world. And that requires courage(among many other characteristics you may be aware of). So this is in honour of that personality of mine that doesn't give up on blogging irrespective of how stupid my other personalities think it is. Cheers to me! :)

On a concluding note :
If I have missed out on a couple of names(sheesh!) I should've mentioned,sorry.
If I was under some kind of an obligation to give you the award but still didn't, sorry again.
If you're a great writer and a Lewis Hamilton fan...serves you right, sucker! :P


soda said...

nice post i say :)...first caament :D
wish u wud do the same to my next post (whenever that turns up)
sooper award...thenks thenks...
but hey i speak highly abt the female kind too...doesnt change the fact that they are complicated :P

playbyrules said...

do you have a book deal you are not telling us about? seriously.darcy? that is the most thoughtful present ever. *im grinning from ear to ear*

Anonymous said...

Whoa! Whoa!
Thank you, lady! :)

PS: PLEASE to remove the word verification. It's irritating. :D :|

Akshata said...

Woo hoo I'm famous! :D
Thanks, Chotu. :)

Somebody Else said...

Oh god, this is highly embarrassing and highly flattering all at once. For god's sake, STOP it already.

But dear lord, you make me jealous at how many award-worthy friends you have.

And yes, THANK YOU. You're the sweetest, and the kindest.

Ess, I agree with Padma, when's the book coming out? Are you at it already?

And Sod always speaks highly of the female kind. Wait, what kind does he not speak highly of? Interested as he is in them all.

Datta's blog is surely the find of the week. Hahahah. I think I'll go read it now. Hahahah. Gandhigiri. Hahahha.

Merin Mandanna said...

Soda, Aks - my pleasure! :D
Swathi, will take it off. :)
Padma, I'm glad I thought of it! :D
sigh.I'm out of words. Will give the no-compliments thing a try.
Sod does not speak high of a certain kind.(explanations in private);)
The only book deal that came to me was from you..and we all forgot about it,didn't we? :(
That many 'hahahaha's on the find? lets just hope this poor blog of mine doesn't get itself involved in the battles of the mighty. :P

Somebody Else said...

See praise is always good. But friends are for eking out flaws and making fun of you.

That is but inevitable dear, you always get caught crossing the fence don't you? ;)

Meghana Naidu said...

might have been about a lot of people whom i dont know. But was still entertaining.
and hey, they are all great blogs ;)

Merin Mandanna said...

:D lol! :D Yes,yes. That fence.. I shall bring it down someday. :P

considering your talent..I should've mentioned you there!! love your poems!

Meghana Naidu said...

Thank you
and thank heavens im not a Hamilton fan ;)

and, here

protect your work.
Spread the word.

Merin Mandanna said...

I'm glad you're not a Hamilton fan too! :D
Protect my work? Need I?! :P

Meghana Naidu said...

Hey whatever's the product of your mind is yours to protect. You're honour bound to do so! ;)

Waj said...

1. When i started reading this:
Oh no! Not one more award ceremony (but still continued to read it)
2. When i found the mention of my theories:
Good! now i've to seriously make more of "The non-sense theories"
3.After reading the quote "more friendships propagated,right?"
Will this blog be some rip-off of Karan Johar's Movie!!
4.A bit later..
Good! never knew there are soo many talented ppl (actually, Great coz i can spam my "non-sense" theories in their blog too :P)
Final Conclusion:
this was something like issue of Forbes magazine on 12 best bloggers (I think i over-rated it a bit)
Why there is a mention of only "Hamilton & F1" and why not other sports (like Sharapova & Tennis :P)

Merin Mandanna said...

Lol! Karan? FORBES?!
aye. Will a simple 'thanks!' do? :P
And in reply to the criticism, I dislike Hamilton and like F1 more than I dislike Sharapova and like Tennis. :) ;)

Shashi Kiran said...

surprised to see no pranav on the list! :P