Friday, January 16, 2009

The kind of post that gets deleted-2

Arbit rants again. Not one of those unfortunate beings that interact with me everyday? It might do you(and the number of your future visits to this blog) good to skip this one. :)

This picture will probably be an all time favorite. I can't help but grin every time I see it!
What is it about? This is a small joke, on a bigger joke called Lewis Hamilton. Canada-08,anybody? Mr.World Champion(that would be Hamilton,for now), while moving at snail's pace in the pit lane, apparently did not see the red lights at the exit. Snail's pace in F1 being around 60kph, he was set to crash. The fox conveniently chose to crash into Kimi(he drives one of them red cars we call Ferrari ;) ), who was then his strongest opponent.

If I'm going down, I'll take you with me
kinds. Smart man,ain't he? Rotten eggs to him and a hug to the person who drew this cartoon!

2. Picture this : Just done welcoming the New Year, I'm extremely tired but have to study for an exam I have the next day. Very late in the night(almost morning,really), my brain is refusing to accept any information-but I have to study. So there I am, cursing myself for not having studied before, fighting sleep and laziness, desperately trying to understand what lay in front of me. In an attempt to refresh the scenario, I select random folders on my system, turn on the 'shuffle' mode and plan to let random songs play. The very next song that comes on goes 'Kya hai problem? Kyun tera Bheja kum?', while screaming out 'idiot!' at regular intervals.(from Taare Zameen Par).

The world doesn't stop screwing with me,does it?

3.Formula1 again. Skip, if you must.

So the FIA had its gala, with all cost-cutting measures in place. They got out a video for the 2008 F1 season, drawing ridiculous and annoying comparisons between Ayrton Senna and Hamilton. The video also had Hamilton's pussy-cat-doll screaming her head off every 10 seconds. Now, the official site's photo gallery has a bunch of photos of the gala. While there is one of last year's champion,Kimi, there's plenty of Anthony. Who, you ask? Remember that face that was constantly shown to you, race after race, while all you watched tv was for some racing action? Yes, that guy who got more tv coverage than most other drivers combined! Daddy, baby Hamilton's daddy. Anyone care to join in for a petition, say, to get them to show more of the drivers and the racing? If that's not too much to ask for, of course. :)

4. This one is easy. I don't have to drill through my brain, looking for words.

I want certain people from Ujjain to fly down and if possible, settle down in Bangalore!

I want to go to Saarang! And if that's not to happen, I want to be gifted three mobile phones. Good ones. One for myself and one for each of the dear souls on either side of the fence.

5. Torturing the few surviving brain cells in my head, I wondered, isn't it weird how relationships change? Friends without whom you had imagined you would cease to exist, you talk to only if the Gods of the internet brought you online at the same time. Relatives who you grew up with simply don't seem as familiar as you would want them to.
Likewise, with obsessions! They arrive, they drive you crazy and then they pass. I've had plenty. There were the small ones like Westlife, Blue, Bryan Adams. And then I grew up. Slightly bigger ones like WWE and Linkin' Park. Come college, massive ones in the form of Bon Jovi and Harry Potter. I remember forcing my friends to watch live performances of Bon Jovi. Now I realize, my friends didn't hear what I heard when Richie Sambora produced those amazing sounds with his talkbox in 'livin on a prayer'. I realize, my friends didn't see what I saw when a long-haired Jon Bon Jovi flashed that billion-watt smile. Being in the position my friends were in back then, I find it funny how my views changed. And how they keep changing!

But life isn't much without obsessions,is it? Now, my mother, as much as she likes The Doors,can not understand what I find in Morrison's cheery poems about death. And she certainly does not appreciate Gothic Rock. I probably will laugh at this someday, but All hail Morrison! :)

Of all obsessions I've had in life, one stayed. And to this day, my life revolves around it. It was love at first sight for me, when I saw Schumacher's car zooming past all the others, like they were stationary toys on the track. This, in 2001. I can confidently state that Schumi and hence Formula1 made life better. This being my biggest passion ever, I could go on. And on. But there's a part of me that says it deserves a little more than a corner of a post I plan to delete. :)

Finishing off with another picture that I love, this I post with more optimism than confidence.

Heck, I can't wait for the Formula1 season to start!


Somebody Else said...

Awww. No need to delete this post sweets. No need to delete anything you write.

The phones? Sigh. Forget it. We should erect cellphone towers on The Fence. Possibly Tracking systems also.

Come to Saarang. Please. Come to Saarang. Please. Come to Saarang. ^100.

That would be Living on a Prayer too, wouldn't it? :)

Merin Mandanna said...

Saarang wont happen for me,I'm sure. A 'no' from the authorities at home stays 'no'.
Would do good,with those phones. :)

Living on a Prayer only,this life. :) :)

Tracking systems? :D lol. Won't I get into trouble then!

Meghana Naidu said...

we get a little cranky over what i like to call the 'hump months' meaning the months between this season's euphoria ebbing down and the beginning of the next season.
You cant help it. Its nature's way of keeping us sane *yeah right* and helping us retain the few friends we have. LOL

you are entertaining as usual :D and can you make him jump out of that poster. please?

playbyrules said...

borrow one of those racing cars and come off to madras :(

Merin Mandanna said...

Padma, IF only I could 'borrow' one of those cars! :D
Wish I could come man. :(

Meghana, I couldn't have said it better. :D retaining the few friends you have seems to be a li'l harder when you're a Ferrari fan. :|Make Kimi jump out of the poster? :D I tried.I prayed too. Didn't work.
You should see this :!14995?ct=photos

and this. I couldn't stop laughing. :P

Vinay Hegde said...

Extremely well written! I enjoyed each one of your points thoroughly :)

Arbit rants again. Anytime, if they are this entertaining.. :P

a post I plan to delete Please don't!

And yeah, I loved that last pic of yours. It is just awesome! GO KIMI! :D

Merin Mandanna said...

:D thanks Vinay! :)
Loved Kimi's poster, yes! :) Hope this season goes well for the guy. :)

Nandini said...

Another brilliant post! Wonder how you manage!

Settling down? Well, Since i'm the female, its going to be me who has to leave home and come settle down wherever you wish to honey!

Lets run away to Gland, Switzerland. Shall we?

Bring it on! Waiting for the next one! :)

Vikram said...

Nice one.

Don't follow F1 (sacrilegious, no?) so I can't relate much to the first few...

Definitely agree with the fifth one though...

Merin Mandanna said...

did you google around for this? :D Gland?! Schumi and can't get better. Gland it is! :) :D lol.

I'm surrounded by people who couldn't care less about F1(unfortunately).. so its ok. :P :)

Nandini said...

Eh? I'm not what/who you think I am :)

Meghana Naidu said...

saw the link. And to that i say 'Oh yummy' :P :D especially this one.

brand India i guess. yeah right. !!!

gautam dn said...

All i got from that post was that you are still bitter and havent t moved on since Brasilia.

Merin Mandanna said...

Oh yes! If not for Brazil, I would've loved Hamilton. How true. Isn't the dude(and his dad?) adorable?! Sigh.

Meghana Naidu said...

OMFG did you see today's race?

Merin Mandanna said...

Yes,yes, Not exactly the start we were hoping for. :| Hoping for a better race next weekend! :|