Thursday, September 30, 2010

Philosophical indulgence

I have a strong urge to post another 'arbit rants' labeled post, considering the number of  unimportant and unrelated statements I want to make.  But I'll skip them all for this. 

It's insulting to the author that I don't remember where I read this or when I read this, so I apologize.  But this simple poem has come to mean a lot to me.  I find much depth in it and can't help but share it.  Hope you connect with it as much as I did.

Let alone this desire
And see a new world rise
Let alone this time
Forsaken in your mind

Let alone this pride
And see the faces that smile
Let alone this hatred
Filled up in your heart

Let alone this remorse
And look straight in the eye
Listen to the sound of a new life
And we shall rise. 

Whoever you are, Mr.Author, thank you for these lines.


Akshata said...

Beautiful lines. Very beautiful. :)

I wanted to read more and Googled the first verse. Only your blog showed up. Congratulations. You will attract a lot of philosophical traffic. :P

Do let me know the author's name or anything about this piece when you find it. :)

Merin said...

This is it, there's no more lines to the poem, I'm sure of that..

And sure, will do. :)