Wednesday, October 27, 2010

In my life, I love you more.

Of course, there's plenty of them fantastic artists out there. But this band is somehow more special to me. And I'm just about to grant myself the permission to talk about them.

I can't pick a favorite Beatle. That, in a way, translates to - I can't tell whose voice I like most. But honestly, I can't rank the four of them for nuts. There would be no legacy of this magnitude, if any one of them wasn't a part of the band. Each one was/is so supremely talented and brought in unique elements to the band. Of course, people's perceptions vary, but I'd say Paul had an edge over the others, when it came to creating the nicest rhythms. Lennon introduced that zing, while forming my favorite song-writing duo with Paul.  George, that sitar-using charm aside, most satisfies my need for a good looking, long-haired member in a band. And Ringo, mighty Ringo, kept this crazy bundle of creative energy packed together. And together, anything they created was magic.

I'm partly happy this band existed, partly regret that they split up too early. I love them by a good measure, but most of all, I feel gratitude. For all those songs, words and tunes, and for all the times I've found peace in their music.

There is a Beatles song for every mood. And almost always, I'm a better person at the end of each song I listen to. And well, just some times, there's that overwhelming feeling of joy and thankfulness that compels you to write a post about them.

I'm hardly qualified to say anything that does justice to The Beatles or their music, so I'll borrow a line from ABBA and simply say, 
Thank you for the music.


Waj said...

Even Steve Jobs' favorite band is Beatles :)

Merin said...

Of course. Great people and all that. ;)
Hehe :D

Waj said...

Sure ;)
In Classical Rock, Beatles and Pink Floyd will be on top always ...